Cooking at the Warehouse

"95 percent of cooking is ingredients and agriculture." -Alice Waters 

For an array of recipes ranging from Taiwanese to French please check out our Recipes.  

How to make Lu Rou Fan with

Chef Richard Ho of Ho Foods

Rich Ho is one of the most respected and well liked chefs in NYC. His menu derives from his native Taiwan where he learned the art of the cuisine from family, friends and other chefs. His Ho Foods in the East Village is a tiny jewel of a restaurant serving up some of the best beef noodle soup, scallion pancakes, and lu rou fan which is featured here.

Heritage Red Wattle Lechon

with Chef Romy Dorotan of Purple Yam

We are so happy to get behind the scene access to one of NY’s best restaurants. On a recent visit Chef Romy Dorotan taught us how to prepare pork belly Lechon in the Filipino style! For 25 years we have known Romy and Amy Besa, the team behind Purple Yam, a Filipino restaurant in Brooklyn. We first met when Patrick was working at Slow Food in Italy around 1998. Amy called him and asked if she could help launch the movement in the U.S. Amy is always working to improve the culture of gastronomy around the world.

Red Wattle Pork Belly Chicharrones de Cádiz with Chef Jonah Miller of Huertas

We were so happy to have chef Jonah Miller of Huertas visit us in our studios. He filmed a short video on Spanish olive oil and he also prepared a pork belly dish which we are happy to show here so that you can prepare it at home.

Heritage Spuntino di Pancetta at Maialino (vicino)

Chef Joe Downey-Zayas is the Executive Chef of Maialino (vicino) and Marta at The Redbury Hotel. With a deep passion for Roman cuisine and culture, Joe is thrilled to lead the revival of one of New York’s most beloved Italian restaurants. We were so happy to see him and his team in action and to taste one of chef’s most delicious creations.

Fette Sau's Heritage Pulled Pork With Chef Allie Klein

BBQ does not need to use exclusively the cheapest meat available. As with all cooking styles, heritage breeds make every dish better. Fette Sau was one of the first BBQ joints in the US to feature exclusively heritage breeds on their menu. Before each service, the team at the restaurant would chalk the daily specials on the board with the cut listed first and the breed/farm right after. For nearly 20 years they have featured Berkshire, Red Wattle, Tamworth, and Duroc Boston Butt, Belly, Bacon Ends, and Ribs and have been an anchor to Heritage Foods!

Heritage Black Pepper Pancetta at Maialino (vicino)

The team at Maialino (vicino) buys heritage pork bellies from us and cures them to perfection for their house-made black pepper pancetta. Watch the whole process from curing to smoking.

Hacienda Queiles Olive Oil: Steven Jenkins of Olive Oil Jones and Chef Jonah Miller of Huertas

We are proud to introduce our newest and rarest olive oil variety: Hacienda Queiles from Navarra, Spain and we were thrilled to have Steve Jenkins of Olive Oil Jones and Chef Jonah Miller of Huertas in our studio to smell, taste, and talk about all things oil! Watch them taste, smell, and respond to Hacienda Queiles' oil made from 100% early harvest arroniz olives, a local variety from Navarra, Spain rarely seen as a monocultivar. 

Heritage Mortadella at Rolo's

At Rolo’s in Ridgewood, Queens you can order an array of delicious focaccia varieties and sandwiches for lunch from the sprawling counter. We love the muffuletta in particular which features their signature mortadella. During the day you can sit anywhere in the restaurant when you get your food! On a recent visit, we were excited to witness the making of this delicious mortadella, step by step, including the separation of our famous Boston butts into lean and fatty sections, then ground, spiced, finally stuffed into a large casing before cooking. Rolo’s is a place where the kitchens are as lovely as the actual restaurant!

How to Truss and Roast a Heritage Chicken

Learn how to truss and roast a whole heritage chicken! Standardbred chickens are slow-growing and pasture raised to 16 weeks, more than double the industry standard. Each chicken is laced with ribbons of sun-yellow fat that self-baste the bird as it renders, resulting in silky meat and crackly bronzed skin.

Heritage Porterhouse Pork Chop at Rolo's

Rolo’s in the Ridgewood section of Queens on the border of Queens and Brooklyn is the epitome of a neighborhood spot. It is respected by customers and professional chefs alike and known for its wood-fired cuisine. We were honored to be allowed behind the scenes during a recent Friday night service to experience their evening activities including preparing their heritage breed porterhouse chop on the famous Rolo's smoker and grill.

How To Make A Wagyu Double Smash Burger

In the 20 years we've been slinging Heritage burgers, we've come to learn that our bold and beefy half-pound Wagyu beef patties are more than a top-notch show-piece layered between a bun. We love seeing them divided to make these smaller amazingly delicious smash burgers. It's a grind that is as good as a standing ribeye roast, but beef that can be incorporated into everyday meals.

How to Sous Vide a Heritage Boston Butt

with Chef Shibumi Jones

Watch Chef Shibumi Jones, NYC chef turned Hudson Valley supper-club owner and longtime Heritage customer, prepare a heritage boston butt using this method with an at home sous vide machine and tools you can find in any kitchen. Shibumi's method creates a boston butt that looks and tastes like it was cooked for hours on a BBQ with little to no clean-up!

How to Make Heritage Jowl BLT Kimbap

with Chef Eunjo "Jo" Park

For Chef Eunjo "Jo" Park, Momofuku alum and former executive chef, it means kimbap, the Korean version of a sushi roll she fondly remembers from childhood picnics and school field trips. A signature dish on the celebrated Momofuku Kawi menu, there was an entire section dedicated to upscale versions of this Korean snack — from a lunchtime pickled vegetable version to dinner menu takes that included an elegant foie gras torchon.

How to Make An Apple Jack Daiquiri

with Chef Shibumi Jones and Matt Botkin

Apple Jack is America's original spirit and a delicious addition to any daiquiri. Apple Jack celebrates the local NY apple region and is often produced by cider-makers in the Hudson Valley. Inspired by the traditional pork and apple sauce pairing, we brought some in to experiment with. Chef Kelly "Shibumi" Jones, NYC chef turned Hudson Valley supper-club owner's sous vide heritage boston butt recipe is a perfect dish to pair with this cocktail to celebrate the iconic combination.

How to Make a Shmackwich, The Wagyu

Chopped Cheese with Chef Sib Cheeseman

Formed during the pandemic by Brooklyn natives Sib, Midi & Jordan, Shmackwich began as a pop up concept serving only Wagyu Chopped Cheese — a ground beef sandwich made on a grill. Chef Sib's version features heritage Wagyu beef, cheese, roasted tomato aioli, spice mix, lettuce, and tomato on a freshly baked baguette.

How To Make Nutcrackers with Chef Sib

Cheeseman of Shmackwich and Matt Botkin

The nutcracker is to New York City's beaches and parks what the chopped cheese is to our delis — totally ubiquitous and a guilty pleasure that never disappoints.

Devils on Horseback

Wrapping things in bacon has been a practice throughout history! Devils on Horseback was created in Victorian era working class England, and the hors d’œuvre got its name because it was often paired with the equally popular Angels on Horseback (bacon wrapped oysters). Over time, oysters went from being a poor-man's food to a delicacy and the appetizer pair phased out of style, but the Devils on Horseback has seen a renaissance recently, popping up on menus all over. 

Signature Heritage Bacon and

Jasper Hill Bayley Hazen Wedge Salad

A stalwart of steak houses and often misunderstood by the iceberg lettuce-sketpic salad world, this classic bacon & blue cheese salad is about two things — texture bolstered by flavor.

Heritage Harvest Charcuterie Board With Chef Sung Kim

As a meat mail order company, Heritage Foods has a vested interest in 
knowing that our delicious meats are a backdrop to successful and stress-free parties. We asked our friend Sung Kim, one of the premier caterers in the nation, to help reluctant hosts dominate the entertainment and hospitality universe in their home!

How to Butcher + Prepare a Bone-in Pork Loin

Chef Delfin Jaranilla of Leland Eating & Drinking House in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn shows us how to breakdown a bone-in pork loin into chops, as well as the restaurant's signature Pork & Beans dish.

How To Make a Martini with Matt Botkin

Watching Chefs Hannah and Q prepare a flawless ribeye, I knew the only appropriately glamorous cocktail companion could be a classic martini — just as with a delicious steak, the martini emphasizes the quality of the spirits within and the proper preparation is the picture of elegant simplicity.

A Classic New Orleans Sazerac with Charles Tyler

No matter how you plan to eat your andouille, a classic Sazerac is the best way to tie the meal together. New Orleans is all about tradition — the food, the drinks, and the music all pay homage to the storied history of the Crescent City. No sausage more so than andouille, no cocktail more so than the Sazerac. Andouille adds the kick to the most iconic side of Creole and Cajun cooking including red beans and rice (Louis Armstrong used to sign his letters ‘Red beans and ricely yours’) and shrimp jambalaya. Meanwhile the most notable ingredient in the Sazerac is Peychaud’s bitters, concocted in the French Quarter before the Civil War and still found on every well stocked bar in the country. 

How to Cook a Standing Rib Roast

A Wagyu Standing Ribeye Roast requires little more than a liberal shower of salt and a hot pan oven, but with so few ingredients and an unforgiving demeanor, there is a small margin of error. We turned to our resident chefs: Hannah, who has worked at steakhouses for much of her professional life, and Nick Q, an expert on many cuisines, for this video that debunks myths and provides secrets to cook a standing ribeye roast like a pro.

How to Cook a Bone-in Ribeye Steak

In the end, steak always seems to be the king of meats. It requires little beyond a liberal shower of salt and a hot pan to shine, but with so few ingredients and an unforgiving demeanor, there is a small margin of error. We turned to our resident chefs: Hannah, who has worked at steakhouses for much of her professional life, and Nick Q, an expert on many cuisines, for this short video that debunks myths and provides secrets to cook like a steakhouse pro.

Heritage Turkey Tinga With Chef TJ Steele

Chef TJ of Michelin starred Claro, a Oaxaca restaurant in Brooklyn, dropped by our studio to show us how to make his famous Heritage Turkey Tinga Tostada. TJ is the king of turkey so when we needed a recipe, we knew to go to a master, who has made turkey (and goat!) a signature at his restaurant!

New World Bloody with Chef TJ Steele 

and Bartender Matt Botkin

To compliment TJ’s turkey tinga Matt decided to do a riff on the Bloody Maria using Vago Elote, a house favorite triple distilled mezcal with roasted black corn on the third distillation, rounding out the smoky flavor with an added toasted nuttiness and sweetness. The higher than average proof also balances perfectly with the heavy flavor of the tomato juice and other ingredients. Taken all together, the tomatoes, corn, agave paired with the turkey and the avocados in the turkey tinga make this a veritable New World feast!

Bourbon Pineapple Glazed Heritage Ham with Chef Neil Kleinberg of Clinton St. Baking Co. & Restaurant

Chef Neil Kleinberg of Clinton Street Baking Co. has been serving our Heritage hams since they first opened. We invited him to our warehouse to show us how he prepares a ham to serve for a holiday dinner or whenever!

How to Sear a Porterhouse Pork Chop

When we think of eating turkey, two things come to mind: a whole bird gracing the table as a centerpiece for a decadent holiday meal or turkey cold cuts in a deli sandwich. But there is so much more to do with this wonderful protein! Breaking down a turkey allows a cook to take advantage of the unique characteristics of each muscle.

Maple Bourbon Sour and Breakfast Daisy

with Chef Neil Kleinberg and Matt Botkin

Sometimes the kitchen and butcher counter can be united with the bar and share ingredients to produce marvelous concoctions! Today we feature a Matt Botkin original creation inspired by the ingredients already being used to make the famous glazed ham served at Clinton Street Baking Co., one of the premiere brunch spots in New York

How to Make Buttermilk Biscuits with Neil Kleinberg

of Clinton St. Baking Co. & Restaurant

Buttermilk biscuits are an important part of Chef Neil Kleinberg's favorite breakfast and a staple of Clinton St Baking Co. Riley learns how to make them from the expert himself.

Pistachio, Citrus, and Garlic Roasted

Lamb Leg with Pervaiz Shallwani

A well-raised lamb doesn’t require much for its leg to shine on the dinner table. Butchered right, brought to the right temperature and salted generously, the oven will do the rest. Top it with a bright sauce for freshness and you look like a big day meal veteran.

How to Break Down a Heritage Turkey

When we think of eating turkey, two things come to mind: a whole bird gracing the table as a centerpiece for a decadent holiday meal or turkey cold cuts in a deli sandwich. But there is so much more to do with this wonderful protein! Breaking down a turkey allows a cook to take advantage of the unique characteristics of each muscle.

Cynar Cocktail Recipe with

Chef Cesare Casella and Matt Botkin

Make this sweet, herbal riff on a Negroni to pair with Chef Cesare's saltimbocca.

Saltimbocca Recipe with Chef Cesare Casella

Learn how to make this classic Roman dish fusing prosciutto and pork tenderloin for a delicious appetizer.

Heritage Bacon and Egg Katsu Sando

with Chef Evan Hanczor of Little Egg

Little Egg is a community restaurant that aims to contribute meaningfully to the world through food and gathering. They bring people together to share transformative meals and to seed a more sustainable food system. Chef/owner Evan Hanczor was the longtime chef and a partner at Egg in Williamsburg and is now the Chef at Little Egg, a new way to share our love of good food in the morning in a little bit smaller space…a poetic full-circle back to Egg’s early days. Egg also has a location in Tokyo, opened in 2017, in Toshima ward near the Ikebukuro train station (the 2nd busiest train station in the world).

Mimmo, the Pig That Never Died, with Chef Cesare Casella

Chef Cesare Casella shares the story of his family pig, Mimmo, and the traveling butchers known as the norcini. Historically, the last cuts of the pig to be consumed from the previous year’s harvest was the prosciutto, and an array of other cured meats like salami and pancetta.

Meet Our Prosciutto Style Hams

All you need is salt, time, and air!

DIY Akaushi Pastrami Recipe

This deli classic is surprisingly easy to make at home, and our Akaushi brisket makes for an unforgettable version.

2015 Heritage Turkey Flock

Every morning it’s the same routine for poultry farmer Frank Reese. Frank walks several thousand turkeys from their barn out to pasture, where they spend the day foraging in the rolling Kansas plains. In the evening he opens the large barn doors, cuing the flock to head indoors where they can roost safely for the night.

Newman Farm and Marta Manhattan

Chef Joe Tarasco of Marta Manhattan espouses his love of David Newman's Berkshire pork.

The Filet Mignon of Pork

Silky, tender and easy to roast to perfection. Each pig only produces two pounds of delicate tenderloin. Prepared simply, marinated, or wrapped in bacon, every bite is a masterpiece!

Tapping the Northeast Kingdom with

Deep Mountain Maple Syrup

Long before it ends up on your pancakes, maple syrup undergoes a major transformation – from sapling to Sunday morning delight. Though the sap-to-syrup process may be foreign to some, our friends at Deep Mountain have a true passion for woodland agriculture. Their pure, organic maple syrup comes from the Cantor family’s 100-year-old grove in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Like all of our partners, this family-owned business is rooted in tradition and prides itself on the use of eco-friendly resources. This short video takes a deeper look at the production of their craft and the poetic philosophy behind it.