Sous Vide Boston Butt with Chef Kelly "Shibumi" Jones

Sous Vide Boston Butt with Chef Kelly "Shibumi" Jones

The sous vide method of cooking is a simple French technique that calls for food to be sealed in a plastic pouch and circulated in a temperature controlled water bath. This is a slow cooking method that cooks food to a precise internal temperature while allowing for flavors to be added and infused into the product throughout the cooking process. 

Watch Chef Kelly "Shibumi" Jones, NYC chef turned Hudson Valley supper-club owner and longtime Heritage customer, prepare a heritage boston butt using this method with an at home sous vide machine and tools you can find in any kitchen. Shibumi's method creates a boston butt that looks and tastes like it was cooked for hours on a BBQ with little to no clean-up!


  • Heritage Pork Boston Butt
  • BBQ spice rub (store bought, homemade, or simply salt and pepper if you prefer)
  • Liquid Smoke


Season the meat by rubbing the spice blend until the butt is completely covered. Place in a vacuum bag along with a couple drops of the (optional) liquid smoke — a little goes a long way — and vacuum seal.

Place the vacuum sealed meat into the water bath. Be sure to use tongs as the water is hot! Cook for 24 hours. The cooked butt will have a lot of liquid in the bag. We recommend reserving the liquid as a base for a sauce. Let the meat cool until it's comfortable to handle but still warm and shred or pull it apart. Serve with your favorite barbecue sauce or a sauce made from the reserved juices.

Pair this dish with an Apple Jack Daiquiri!