Our Mission

Heritage Foods was founded in 2001 to sell ancient breeds of livestock that were becoming extinct, largely because industrial agriculture willfully pushed healthy, heritage breeds aside for more profitable, faster-growing animals. Rare heritage breeds are saved when popular demand increases and farmers have the incentive to raise them. In other words, we must eat these breeds to save them! Our farmers raise animals humanely, outdoors, on pasture, and never with antibiotics or growth hormones. This creates the most delicious, supremely marbled, juiciest meat in the world that we deliver right to your door. 

"Heritage Foods — the company at the forefront of the nonindustrial meat movement —"

The New York Times

Shop our Various Collections: Heritage meats are raised humanely on the pastures of family owned farms without antibiotics

Words straight from our customers and chefs

 We love that roast! It’s so easy to cook the Calabrian Roast in the oven. Then, the next day, I make sandwiches with leftovers. I use arugula on the sandwich and Garlic Aioli and some red onion.

Veronica from Texas

We are very impressed with the quality of the meat and other products you have supplied us.  The pricing is fair and the service really outstanding.  We will be happy customers for a long time.  Thanks for the country ribs, when we have a big barbecue, pandemic conditions permitting, they will become the central dish in that celebratory moment.

MAK from CA

"Just a quick note to let you know how fantastic your Porchetta was. I roasted it for our New Years Party yesterday - what  a huge success"

Ulli from New York

Frank Reese's Aylesbury ducks were amazing. They were sweet and tender when cooked to medium rare, but they ate like a dry aged piece of meat. You could tell they were special... I've cooked millions of ducks and these are the best I've ever had. Really exceptional. 

Antonio, Quality Meats

The turkeys we had from you for Thanksgiving were the best we have ever found and we have been slow smoking birds for over 40 years."

Joe from CA

The best ham I have ever eaten in all my 63 years! Beautiful flavor, not too sweet, with a perfect balance of lean to fat. The texture of the meat is firm and absolutely perfect, and the fat is silky and delicious. It is the ham every other ham wishes it could be... the ham of dreams!"

Denise from Wisconsin

My customers were saying it was the best pulled pork they’ve ever had and I’ve done pulled pork many times over the years. I think it was those magic shoulders you sent me last week. Thanks!

Danny, Southside/Lot 2

Just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the Red Wattle Boston Butt and the Duroc Pork Belly you sent me in my latest order.  Both were wonderful.   The bacon I made with the belly (cured with maple sugar and syrup and smoked with apple wood) may well have been the best yet.

Mark B from New York

The steaks were divine! We are trying the burgers tonight.

Carnivores rule.

Christine from CA