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Chicken with Prosciutto and Sage
  • Feb 2, 2024
Chicken With Prosciutto and Sage

Versatility is what you get with this dish, which borrows its flavors from the Italian staple saltimbocca, a combination of veal, prosciutto and sage. Here, the dark meat of chicken takes the place of veal, and instead of meat slices topped with the ham and herbs, there are plump bundles with the sage inside. Boneless chicken thighs make for easier slicing. Leaving the skin on to brown, provides more flavor, especially with some of the sage tucked underneath. Fingerling potatoes simmer as the chicken braises, and fresh peas contribute a touch of spring for a one-pot meal, not instant but hardly demanding. A final, judicious splash of balsamic vinegar intensifies the sauce. — Florence Fabricant

Brined Boston Butt Shoulder Steaks with 'Nduja and Honey
  • Apr 10, 2023
Brined Boston Butt Shoulder Steaks with 'Nduja and Honey

The classic combination of Calabrian chili and honey turns this quick meal into a show-stopper. These thin-cut boston butt steaks sear up beautifully, and the addition of Tempesta Artisan's sweet and spicy 'nduja quickly melted on top with honey adds a kick of flavor and complexity.

Chef Cesare Casella's Saltimbocca alla Romana with Prosciutto and Pork Tenderloin
  • Mar 13, 2023
Chef Cesare Casella's Saltimbocca alla Romana with Prosciutto and Pork Tenderloin

Saltimbocca means “jump in the mouth,” and these small pieces of pork topped with prosciutto and sage are meant to be eaten in a single bite. Scaloppine for saltimbocca, which originated in Lazio are traditionally cut from the leg of the calf but they may be made with whatever is available and inexpensive. In this version, the pork is sautéed in garlic-flavored oil and finished with lemon and white wine.

Caesar Salad with 'Nduja Breadcrumbs
  • Mar 8, 2023
Caesar Salad with 'Nduja Breadcrumbs

Elevate quick and easy weeknight meals from butter noodles to caesar salads, and more with this simple 'nduja breadcrumb recipe.

Salad Lyonnaise Recipe
  • Jul 20, 2022
Salad Lyonnaise Recipe

Summer is here! With produce abundant and temperatures soaring, our cravings turn to salad. However, we think the best salads are the ones with meat! We love using our Signature Bacon Ends in dishes like this Salad Lyonnaise.

Southern Wilted Lettuce Salad Recipe
  • Apr 29, 2022
Southern Wilted Lettuce Salad Recipe

The Kentucky Derby is next week and we are looking forward to one of our favorite Southern dishes featuring Kentucky's own Broadbent bacon.

Heritage Cacio e Pepe and Pancetta Dinner Kit
  • Mar 17, 2022
Heritage Cacio e Pepe and Pancetta Dinner Kit

Introducing a new dinner kit! Cacio e pepe with pancetta is an easy and quick weekday meal. All in, the dish takes less than a half hour to produce — everything can be prepared while the pasta is boiling. But it takes years to perfect and every time you make it, the dish will taste slightly different, that is until you become a master!

Heritage Pesto alla Gricia Pasta
  • Sep 16, 2021
Pesto alla Gricia Pasta Kit

Savor the final weeks of summer with this delectable dance of two Italian regions — Pasta alla Gricia from Lazio and Pesto Genovese from Genoa. Showcase this pasta for a weeknight meal or as a centerpiece for your next dinner party! 

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