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Classic Martini
  • Mar 24, 2023
Classic Martini

Watching Chefs Hannah and Q prepare a flawless ribeye, I knew the only appropriately glamorous cocktail companion could be a classic martini — just as with a delicious steak, the martini emphasizes the quality of the spirits within and the proper preparation is the picture of elegant simplicity.

The New World Bloody
  • Mar 20, 2023
The New World Bloody

To compliment TJ’s turkey tinga bartender Matt Botkin riffed on the Bloody Maria using Vago Elote, a mezcal distilled three times with the final distillation adding roasted black corn to round out the smoky flavor giving it a toasted nuttiness and sweetness. The higher than average proof balances perfectly with the robust flavors of tomato, chili, and brine to make the pairing a veritable New World feast!

Chef Neil Kleinberg and Matt Botkin making a cocktail
  • Mar 16, 2023
Maple Bourbon Sour and Breakfast Daisy

Sometimes the kitchen and butcher counter can be united with the bar and share ingredients to produce marvelous concoctions! Today we feature a Matt Botkin original creation inspired by the ingredients already being used to make the famous glazed ham served at Clinton Street Baking Co., one of the premiere brunch spots in New York. Matt uses bourbon, maple syrup, and cinnamon sticks to produce this Sour. Then Matt adds Amaro to turn the Sour into a Daisy giving the drink another layer of complexity!

Cynar Negroni
  • Mar 8, 2023
Cynar Negroni Cocktail Recipe

The Negroni was invented in Florence by the Italian Count Camillo Negroni in the early 20th century. He fortified his Americano drink by replacing the usual soda water with gin. The bartender added an orange peel and the Negroni was born! Recently, the Negroni has grown in popularity and is now officially part of the cocktail canon in the United States

New York Sour Cocktail
  • Feb 21, 2023
New York Sour Cocktail

This is an old school cocktail in the classic tradition of only using a few ingredients. A spirit forward drink, you will want to use a nice Rye. We used Empire Rye from the Van Brunt Stillhouse in Brooklyn. We picked this cocktail because darker liquors are ideal companions for heartier braised cuts like the brisket and pairs wonderfully with our Passover Braised Brisket recipe.

Alpine Spritz Recipe
  • Feb 10, 2023
Alpine Spritz Recipe

Spritz is the German word for splash and originates when Austrians and Germans were living in Italy during the early part of the 20th century — they created the spritz to lessen the strong flavors of Italian wine. 

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