One 3 oz bag — uniquely tart dried and sliced cranberries by Honestly Cranberry on the north shore of old Glacial Lake Wisconsin


Unsweetened Dried Cranberries
by Honestly Cranberry on the north shore of old Glacial Lake Wisconsin
one 3 oz package

Honestly Cranberry’s dried cranberries are just that: cranberries. Honestly dried without added sugar, juice, oil, or preservatives. Cranberries are naturally tart, adding a zip to your step or any recipe you may choose. 

Sourced from Glacial Lake Cranberries, a fourth generation farm located west of Wisconsin Rapids.  The property started commercially producing cranberries in 1873. Cranberries were found growing wild, and dikes and ditches were built around the native stands of vines. The cultivation of these cranberries is sustainable, and other native species abundant, in the surrounding wetlands and forests. Cranberry vines are perennials, meaning they don't need to be planted every year, and they prefer well-drained sandy soil. Some vines are still producing at 75 years old - a true heirloom crop!  

Honestly Cranberry is Women Owned, Certified Allergen Free and Non-GMO.