What's Good About Getting Older?

What's Good About Getting Older?

What’s good about getting older? Some say nothing, but we think there are a few things about aging: As one ages, things tighten up, they get worked in, like an old catchers’ mitt or favorite armchair! For individuals, age brings wisdom — with more experience behind you, you can better predict the future! With age comes traditions and becoming set in the ways that please you — it’s as if you become more you as you age.

As food ages, certain qualities come forward as well. Some food tastes better when their essence is artfully concentrated. Milk for example becomes yogurt! Cucumbers become pickles! Ham becomes sublime prosciutto! Our dry-aged steaks are legendary as the flavor of the Wagyu intensifies!

And now we are proud to introduce our 2-week-old Dry Aged Red Wattle bone-in pork loins. Aging turns our already delicious chops into something different, and arguably into something even better. This aged pork loin has been artfully aged at Paradise Locker Meats, our partners in all things meat!

There is a reason why those who can afford to, obsess over when to open a bottle of wine — some bottles need time to find themselves. A good cheesemonger is a merchant of decomposition — some cheddars can hold up for up to fifteen years in Wisconsin. Even some kitchen tools should embrace rot — our kitchens pride themselves on the crud at the bottom of a Lodge pot. According to the hundred-plus-year-old company’s instructions, caring for it should involve adding a coat of oil and cooking it right into the pan rather than washing it with soaps and detergents.

Just think about the flavors — the wonderful putrescence — that are part and parcel of good aging when it comes to food, as well as the added benefit of keeping a community of essential microbes healthy in your gut.

In America, we are obsessed with sell-by dates, but so often we are throwing out things that aren’t just “still good,” they’re actually better! And in the case of aging we take an already delicious product and change it! Please send us your feedback, we want to know what you think!

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