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Wagyu Standing Rib “Cowboy” Roast, Studded with Bacon

Wagyu Standing Rib “Cowboy” Roast, Studded with Bacon

Every so often, a star is born whose magnitude is irresistible. This is one of those times. This roast has all the size and power of a great monument — it truly is the dinner of the year, a special occasion centerpiece, a three-bone, standing rib Wagyu roast that stands very tall.

Like all Wagyu beef, it is supremely marbled — but the Cowboy roast has a not-so-secret ingredient: it is studded with our Signature Heritage Bacon! The bacon has been added to infuse the roast with sweet and smoky undertones in a way that only bacon can. 

Not matter if you serve it whole or carve it into individual on-the-bone steaks, the bacon and beef combination is truly a match made in Cowboy heaven. 

This oven-ready roast is ready to go, and will make you look like a master butcher. We recommend cooking for about 12 minutes per pound at 350 degrees, and checking the internal temperature often while roasting. Our chefs recommend removing the bacon after roasting since the bacon has been added for flavor. We love to to crisp up the bacon chunks and serve with braised greens or mashed potatoes.

Pre-order now for your holiday centerpiece! Supplies are limited! We are happy to send for any day you like, just tell us as you are checking out.

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