Our Top 5 Holiday Centerpieces!

Our Top 5 Holiday Centerpieces!

Holiday season means big appetites! And nothing satisfies friends and family like a Heritage centerpiece — from supersized roasts to more modest but equally impressive Porchetta’s, we have it all. And the best thing is they are all super simple to prepare. Choose one for the big feast, and maybe keep another in the freezer as a stand-by — after all, the holidays are a season, not just one day!


This oven-ready roast is a taste epiphany that only old-world techniques can create: the skin-on belly is wrapped around the center-cut, de-boned loin roast, and generously seasoned throughout. Sourced from our elegant, luscious and smooth Berkshire pork from Newman Farm, the crispy skin is like pork candy, sticky and sweet like toffee. Be warned, it is absolutely habit forming. 




This is a majestic oven ready ribeye roast, the King of Kings, for your meal of the year. This three-bone standing rib Wagyu roast is supremely marbled and tied ready for the oven. Lined with heritage bacon, it will make you look like a master chef in the kitchen with little or no effort. As we like to say, let hundreds of years of butchering tradition be your secret weapon in the kitchen.   

Standing Cowboy Roast


3. TOP SELLING HAM, Maple Sugar Cured — Choose from Boneless or Bone-in — Berkshire — The perfect ham for every occasion

You will find no better, juicier, more delicious ham than the heritage maple-cured classic.  These hams are already cooked so they are ready for eating, but a little heat will help bring out the delicious juices of the Heritage meat. You can add a family favorite glaze, or stud it with cloves, cover it with cherries and pineapples — there is no spice or seasoning this delicious ham won’t welcome. 


4. Boneless Ribeye Roast

This is your meal of the year! A full-sized, show-stopping steak spectacular, boasting the huge ribeye flavor built on beautiful marbling.  Our Heritage Wagyu steaks are a cross between the revered Japanese Red Cow, known as Akaushi, and one of America’s best lines of Black Angus. Our Wagyu ribeyes are among the best steaks in the world, and these large-format roasts are sure to impress any steak lover. 

Ribeye Roast

5. HERITAGE TURKEY, Raised by Frank Reese on Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch 

This is by far the juiciest, most flavorful bird on the market today. Fans of Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch turkeys include Alice Waters, who says "Amazing! I have always focused on sustainability and I forgot all about BREED. What a difference in taste!"

These amazing birds are humanely raised on the Kansas prairie, guaranteed 100 percent antibiotic free from hatching to plate, and all vegetarian fed. Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch turkeys can trace their genetics 175 years and are the oldest line of turkey in America. Frank has become an icon of American farming, and has been featured in publications ranging from The New York Times to National Geographic. His story is the reason why the word “heritage” is synonymous with the word “heirloom” when it comes to meat.


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