Omnivore Salt

Omnivore Salt

No dilemma here – this is the only seasoning you’ll ever need for our meats!

This week we are excited to premiere Omnivore Salt as part of our brand new pantry section. Omnivore Salt is crafted by blacksmith, hunter, and food lover Angelo Garro in his forge in San Francisco. The blend is based on the recipe his mother taught him while he was growing up in Sicily. His salt has become legendary in the food and arts scene in the Bay Area and now it is available for customers around the country.

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Love this salt? You are in good company

“This salt is so indispensable, I bring a bag everywhere I go!”
Alice Waters, Chef at Chez Panisse

“Omnivore Salt improves whatever it touches.” 
Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma

“Finally your salt is in the market and I do not need to steal from your kitchen anymore.”
Werner Herzog , Film director

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