Frank Reese's Heritage Chickens are Back!

Frank Reese's Heritage Chickens are Back!

After a long wait, Heritage chickens are finally back! Raised by none other than Frank Reese on the Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch, these chickens are second to none. Available in two breeds  — Barred Plymouth Rock and New Hampshire. 

At 150 years old, Barred Plymouth Rock is the king of meat production. It is the ultimate broiler chicken and a member of the American Poultry's Standards of Perfection. This was the original chicken produced in the United States.

The New Hampshire is a close cousin to the Rhode Island Red Chicken breed and was developed in New England – primarily in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The New Hampshire chicken was recognized by the American Poultry Association as a standard breed in 1935. These medium sized chickens are known to be competitive and aggressive and are desired for their meat.

Our Heritage breed chickens are unlike what you may very well be used to: they taste different from supermarket chickens, they look different, and even need to be cooked differently (low and slow) to bring out their wonderfully intense, natural chicken flavor.

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