Breed Taste Charts

Breed Taste Charts


“Taste, like identity, has value only when there are differences” – Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food

A Heritage breed is a breed that is bred for certain traits, but the philosophy behind the breeding is the old philosophy of balance. A heritage breed is one that is healthy, strong, and capable of reproducing and foraging, and lives a long time. Heritage genetics are the foundation for a humanely raised, healthy animal.

Genetic engineering practiced on factory farms, on the other hand, create breeds that have been pushed too far for certain traits like fast growth, feed conversion and the production of white meat. As a result their cardiovascular systems can hardly support their outsized bodies, their muscles and bones are weak, and their immune system have been compromised.

Maintaining rare and heritage breeds is crucial for a healthy and safe food supply. The viability of the livestock population depends on a strong genetic base. Novel pathogens, natural or manmade, can wipe out one variety while having no effect on another, which means relying on only one or two breeds is dangerous — we have to keep these rare and heritage breeds viable by creating an active market for them.

The same traits that have made heritage breeds outcast in the commodity market– slower growth, more dark meat, intramuscular fat development, are precisely what our partnering chef and loyal customers look for in the quality meat they buy. These rare and heritage breeds have become renowned for their taste, both in your homes as well as in top restaurants and specialty shops around the country!

We invite you to taste the difference with us! Enjoy what you eat and celebrate the food you put on your table. 

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