A little sweet, a little sour, a little dry, and very savory sauce by Keepwell Vinegar — one 375 mL glass bottle


Worcestershire Sauce
375 mL glass bottle
Keepwell Vinegar

Sarah Conezio and Isaiah Billington are two former pastry chefs who decided to start pushing sugar in a different way when they started Keepwell Vinegar. Sourcing primarily from Pennsylvania, Maryland and other states in the Atlantic region, their Worcestershire sauce is made from malt vinegar that is aged for months. A little sweet, a little sour, a little dry, and very savory, they have worked on the recipe for years — it’s an excellent combination of the vinegar and the soy sauce fermentations they produce!

Ingredients: malt vinegar, soy sauce mash, sorghum molasses, apricots, persimmons, fermented oysters, peppers, lemons, spicebush berries.

Contains wheat, shellfish, and soybeans.

Please note, bottles are marked “Refrigerate After Opening”. The vinegar will never spoil at room temperature, but the probiotics it contains will create a raft that floats in the bottle. Please keep the vinegar in cold storage to avoid the inconvenience.