Traditional, slow-dried, full-flavored organic durum semolina pasta made in California — one 1lb box


Semolina Artisanal Pasta
2020 Good Food Award Winner
1lb box Rigatoni

This organic rigatoni pasta is made in Pasadena, California from American-grown durum semolina from North Dakota and Montana and is perfect for pairing with heritage meats to create exceptionally flavorful pastas with our Wagyu ground beef, ground lamb and ground pork.  

Durum wheats high protein, and the coarse, consistent grind of semolina, help it develop the gluten structure and dense texture that make for the tastiest, best textured pastas.

Working in small batches, the team at Semolina extrudes their cuts through bronze dies, rather than the teflon favored by larger commercial pasta companies, giving their pastas a rough exterior texture that holds meat sauces perfectly. They dry their pastas slowly, at low temperatures, to preserve the natural flavor of the wheat. Semolina’s pastas are proof that great pasta doesn’t have to be imported from Italy. 

Leah Ferrazzani launched Semolina Artisanal Pasta in October 2014 out of her home kitchen with the mission of making a product that was good for the environment and her community. Today her pastas are served at Los Angeles' best restaurants like Nancy Silverton’s Osteria Mozza. 

Does contain wheat and gluten. Made in a 100% egg, nut, dairy, and shellfish free kitchen.