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Twelve of America's best sausages from 3 curemasters using 100% heritage breeds — 11.25lb total

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Sausage Sampler
Twelve packs, one 12-16 oz pack each, 11.25lb total

This delicious sampler features our full line of 100% heritage breed pasture raised pork  sausages produced by our three favorite artisans. A sausage lover's dream!

Garlic & Broccoli Rabe; Pepper & Onion; Sweet Italian; Hot Italian; Turkey Sweet Italian; Turkey with Provolone and Cherry Peppers; plus Maple Breakfast Mini Links
Pepe Giocoli produces New York/Italian classic sausages using 100% heritage breed pasture raised pork. This is the sausage that can be found throughout Little Italy, at the San Gennaro fair, in Queens, and in Brooklyn — the thin wheel gives each sausage a perfect snap. Pasture raised heritage breeds produce marbled delicious meat, so every bite is sure to be sweet and juicy.

Parma Sausage Co. has been producing the very best New York style sausages from an original family recipe since the 1950's. This is truly the apex of the Italian-American art of sausage making. This is third generation greatness from a no-nonsense artisan who wears his white butcher’s smock like a coat of armor. New York has its own regional cuisine, and these Italian sausages are true classics.

Smoked Kielbasa; Bratwurst; Fennel Links
Produced just outside Kansas City using a decades old recipe, Paradise Locker Meats meticulously cure each link creating a perfectly balanced, delicious version of the classics. Their famous curehouse is where our hams and signature bacon are also made. Our partners in all butchering for over 20 years, the Fantasma family are true masters at producing cured products that are easy to eat and pleasing to the palate.

Linguiça; Andouille Links
We are happy to introduce a third sausage producer into our Heritage Foods family, Kyle Morse of The Mayor in Virginia. We first met Kyle as a chef in New York City, most recently at Michelin starred The Breslin, where he was a big supporter of Heritage Foods and a proponent of nose-to-tail whole animal butchery. Kyle moved South a few years back and is now a Richmond based chef and butcher, specializing in local, farm fresh cuisine.

  • Humanely raised on pasture 
  • 100% antibiotic free
  • Raised by independent family farmers
  • Heritage breeds have more marbling resulting in more tender and juicy meat