Perfect olive oil, imported in barrels and hand bottled for Heritage Foods by Olive Oil Jones — one liter bottle


Portuguese Olive Oil
One liter glass bottle
Olive Oil Jones

Olive Oil Jones imports huge barrels of living, breathing, geographically specific olive oils that are fresh, exuberant and billowing with fragrance and flavor. None of their olive oil is put into a bottle until a customer orders it. 

Olive Oil Jones' olive oils are all unfiltered. They are strictly early harvest olive oils, derived from olives that were green, and gently harvested then mulched and centrifuged within hours of their harvest. 

This olive oil is perfect for drizzling on grilled heritage meats, yet not too bold for fish and seafood and certainly perfect for salads, vinaigrettes, soups, and couscous!

The slight bitterness and the peppery spiciness of Olive Oil Jones' olive oils are due to the early-harvest phenols, measurable levels of which are super-high at this early stage of an olive’s ripeness.