5 rib bone-in rack, the most recognizable cut in the butcher's case — Duroc


Pork Loin Bone-In Rib Rack
Old Spot

Each 5-rib rack (half rack) has five chops, and each 10-rib rack (whole rack) has ten chops, that can be separated with a steak knife, or the entire rack can be cooked whole as a roast for a festive centerpiece fit for a king.

The pork chop from these racks is exactly what most people think of when they think “pork chop” — it is the most iconic cut in the butcher’s case. These chops from these breeds and farms are the reason why "Heritage pork" can be found on menus across the country.

Cut from the cherished center part of the loin section of the pig, this is a cut that is impossible not to love, and has been a staple of fine dining and family meals for as long as Americans have been eating dinner. 

​​The secret to great pork is to start off with great ingredients, and nothing beats our storied Heritage breeds. Learn more about the Gloucestershire Old Spot breed.

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