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Four salami, two prosciutto, 'nduja, and three cow's milk cheeses crafted by great American artisans, plus crackers!

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Large Artisan Meat and Cheese Board 
Our ten go-to meats and cheeses for everyday or special days — plus crackers!

For appetizers, snacks, sandwiches, and spur-of-the-moment gatherings, nothing concentrates the essence of meaty deliciousness more than cured meats and cheese! What makes our charcuterie program unique is that we only feature salami and prosciutto made from our 100% heritage breeds. Our cheeses are sourced through the Anne Saxelby Legacy Fund network of farms!

Wagyu Salami di Manzo, one 5 oz piece, Tempesta Artisans
The full flavor of Wagyu beef meets the ancient art of charcuterie.

Duroc Salami, one 4.5 oz piece, Fatted Calf Charcuterie 
Pork salame flavored with fennel pollen and red wine

Red Wattle Pimenton Salami, one 4.5 oz piece, Fatted Calf Charcuterie 
Pork salame flavored with black pepper and Spanish Pimenton

Finocchiona, one 5.5 oz piece, Tempesta Artisans
Pork salame seasoned with fennel, Sangiovese wine, and black pepper

'Ndujaone 4.5 oz piece, Tempesta Artisans
Spicy spreadable pork salame seasoned with Calabrian peppers

Sliced Casella's Heritage Prosciutto, one 3 oz pack
Delicious, sweet prosciutto by Italian Master, Cesare Casella

Sliced Volpi Heritage Prosciutto, aged 18 months, one 3 oz pack

Boasting an intense earthiness and a subtly sweet and nutty flavor 

Ashbrook Cheese, one 8-10 oz package, Spring Brook Farm
A semi-soft, savory cow's milk cheese aged for 3 months with a distinctive layer of vegetal ash running through the center of the paste

Pleasant Ridge Reserve Cheese, one 8 oz package, Uplands Cheese
An Alpine-style cow's milk cheese aged between 6 to 11 months

Shelburne Cheddar Cheese, one 8 oz package, Shelburne Farms
This two year aged cheddar cheese is delicious and balanced: bright, fruity, and sharp, with a creamy texture and a long finish.

Organic Rosemary Sea Salt Baked Crackers, one 5.5 oz container, Firehook Bakery
These crunchy, well-seasoned, unevenly beautiful crackers feature bold rosemary and a sprinkling of sea salt


Rosemary, Maple & Sea Salt Almonds
Two 2.5 oz bags — from the sun-drenched San Joaquin Valley, slow roasted in small batches using family recipes by women-owned company Nuts+Nuts — A 2023 Good Food Award winner

Blenheim Apricots
One 8 oz bag — a deliciously tart and sweet apricot variety facing extinction, hand-picked and sun-dried by B&R Farms in the Central Valley of California

One 12.4 oz jar — crunchy, baby sour Gherkins by Trois Petits Cochons 

Check out our Heritage Foods Cherry Wood Cutting Boardhandmade in CT, to present your full spread!

All our meats are: 

  • Humanely raised on pasture 
  • 100% antibiotic-free
  • Raised by independent family farmers
  • Heritage pork and beef have more marbling resulting in more tender and juicy meat
    SKU: 1 ea: Manzo, FC Duroc, FC RW, Fino, Casella’s sliced, Volpi sliced, Nduja, Ashbrook 8-10oz, Pleasant Ridge, Shelburne, Crackers