VINDALOO DINNER KIT with your choice of PORK, LAMB, or GOAT — NOW 30% OFF

Goan masala spice rub, cane vinegar, and Kashmiri chili peppers

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Vindaloo Dinner Kit with Heritage Pork, Lamb, or Goat
Feeds 4-6

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Our take on the classic dish from Goa, India featuring a delicious spice blend created by friend and early Heritage Foods supporter, Chef Floyd Cardoz. Floyd dedicated his life to sharing Indian flavors with the world and this Goan Masala fulfills that mission deliciously.

Each Vindaloo Kit includes your choice of:

Boston Butt, Boneless, one 4-5lb piece from our pasture raised, supremely marbled Berkshire and Red Wattle breeds or
Lamb Shanks, four shanks 5-6lb total, from pasture raised heritage breed sheep
Goat Shoulder, Bone-in, one 5-6lb piece, pasture raised from Shannon Creek Farm

Plus a recipe card and all the ingredients you need, except the oil, rice, and fresh produce: 

Floyd Cardoz’s Goan Masala, 2.2 oz jar from Burlap & Barrel
Cane Vinegar, 1L bottle from Datu Puti, a staple of Southeast Asian cooking
Kashmiri Chili Peppers, one bag dried peppers, a traditional Indian chili similar to paprika

Boston Butt, Berkshire or Red Wattle
Boston Butt comes from the upper shoulder of the pig. Supremely marbled heritage breeds like Berkshire, Tamworth, and Red Wattle have more fat and thus more flavor in each muscle making it the perfect pork cut for our Vindaloo dinner kit!

Lamb Shanks, Tunis or Dorset Horn
Shanks are incredibly delectable when roasted low and slow, or braised until the meat falls off the bone. 
The fat is exquisite and every bite is intense yet pleasing to the palate. This is one of the most delicious meats we sell!

Goat Shoulder, Bone-in, Shannon Creek Farm
Those who experience goat for the first time marvel at how bright, lean, and floral it is. This roast is the perfect hearty addition to winter meals.

Floyd Cardoz’s Goan Masala
Floyd Cardoz was a celebrated Indian-born American chef, beloved for the warmth and spice he infused into ingredients and the genuine care and compassion he bestowed on his staff and guests alike. In his 30-year career, chef Floyd led restaurants in the United States and India, penned two cookbooks, won a national television cooking competition, and contributed his time and talent to countless charitable organizations. He passed away from complications of COVID-19 in March 2020.

The Burlap & Barrel collaboration masalas were conceived in 2019 by Chef Floyd Cardoz and were released in 2021 with his wife and business partner, Barkha, as a memorial to his love for the cuisines of India and his passion for sharing them with the world.