One 1lb pack — Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch


One 1lb pack

  • Humanely raised on pasture 
  • 100% antibiotic-free
  • Raised by Frank Reese on Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch
  • All vegetarian fed

Ground meat makes for excellent burgers, ragu or meatballs and is an ingredient in all cuisines around the world. Our ground turkey is a combination of white and dark meat from premium cuts of heritage breed turkey making it a flavorful and healthy ground meat alternative.

Frank Reese's heritage turkeys are universally proclaimed the most delicious in America thanks to his expertise breeding the oldest continuous strain of standard-bred turkeys in North America, varieties like the Standard Bronze, Bourbon Red, White Holland, Black, Narragansett and Slate. Frank's birds are pasture raised on the Kansas prairie and are never fed antibiotics.

Intense, dark and rich with a steakish, balanced flavor and distinctive finish, heritage turkeys are unlike regular turkey in every way. While many farmers now use the term, Frank raises the truest example of the original heritage turkey: according to the USDA, he remains the only farmer allowed to use the name “Heritage” on his label thanks to certification by the oldest agricultural organization in North America, the American Poultry Association.

Frank is a true hero of the heritage food movement and he has been featured in publications ranging from The New York Times to National Geographic as the foremost poultry expert in the U.S. His story is the reason why when it comes to meat, the word “heritage” is synonymous with “heirloom.” Good Shepherd turkeys can be traced back over 100 years, are 100% antibiotic free, and pasture raised on the Kansas prairie. This is by far the juiciest, most flavorful bird on the market today.