Raw and fermented naturally with just salt & caraway seed by Cleveland Kraut — one 16 oz bag


Classic Sauerkraut
16 oz bag
Cleveland Kraut

This is a raw kraut, fermented naturally with just salt & caraway seed — packed with traditional Bavarian flavor with a fresh crunch and robust taste.

The brothers who founded Cleveland Kraut began by offering it at farmers markets in the Midwest with the goal of serving the best tasting, highest quality fermented foods to all. They believe that fermented foods are a key to a healthier diet, and want to make it effortless for people to savor them at any occasion.

Ingredients: green cabbage, kosher salt, caraway seeds

Because your Kraut is actively fermenting, this bag is equipped with an off-gassing vent. It's natural for the bag to puff up, don't be alarmed if it does.