Two packs each from three ages, 28 oz total — shaved deli ham, sliced Volpi prosciutto, and sliced Casella's prosciutto


Aged Ham Flight
Two 8 oz packs Shaved Ham, 7 day cured 
Two 3 oz packs Sliced Volpi Prosciutto, aged 18 months
Two 3 oz packs Sliced Casella's Prosciutto, aged 24 months

We are proud to feature new Aged Flights!
Sample the different taste profiles of meat as it ages.

Cured and Smoked Shaved Deli Ham,  7 day cured
Maple cured ham is at the cornerstone of American cooking, loved universally as the main ingredient for an iconic sandwich. Whether for a ham and cheese, jambon beurre, Cubano, or fried with an egg for breakfast, pasture raised heritage breeds produce marbled delicious meat, so every bite is sure to be sweet and juicy. Our deli ham is shaved and ready to eat. It is sweet and perfect for everyday eating.

Sliced Volpi Prosciutto Ham, aged 18 months

If you love prosciutto like what can be found in Italy, you will love the Volpi 100% heritage breed prosciutto boasting an intense earthiness and a subtly sweet and nutty flavor — the ham is hand-rubbed, salted, and air dried for a perfect melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Sliced Casella's Prosciutto Ham, aged 24 months
Casella's prosciutto is something special. Made exclusively from our rare-breed heritage pigs, Casella's follows a time-honored Italian recipe — happy, healthy pigs, salt, and time — there are no other ingredients in these hams. The results are consistently gorgeous — juicy, marbled meat with a delicate nutty flavor.


  • Humanely raised on pasture by independent family farmers
  • 100% antibiotic-free 
  • Heritage breeds have more marbling resulting in more tender and juicy meat

    Pork Ham

    The ham is the back leg and is the heaviest single cut of the pig. Both bone-in and boneless hams are popular centerpieces. Because it’s a lean cut, the ham is often cured to add flavor like in our maple sugar cured ham, available whole or in half, boneless or bone-in, and shaved. When aged under salt, ham becomes prosciutto and country ham, and we work with some of the best curemasters in the country including Broadbent's, Benton's, Casella’s, and Volpi!

    Heritage Pork Breeds

    We are proud to offer 5 heritage pork breeds always raised on pasture by family farms. Heritage breeds are the very foundation of our agricultural history and gastronomic identity.


    For 200 years the Berkshire consistently scores higher than other breeds for color, marbling, and tenderness.

    Red Wattle

    Anchoring great gastronomic traditions of China, New Caledonia, and later Creole and Cajun cuisine in New Orleans.


    One of the few all American pigs; the result of crossing two red colored breeds in 19th Century New York.

    Old Spot

    These floppy-eared spotted gentle giants, nicknamed the “Cottager’s Pig,” were known for eating a diet that included wind-fallen apples.


    An ancient breed found wild for centuries in the forests of Ireland where they were known as “Irish Grazers” and later in the woods of England.

    Support High Quality Pasture Raised Farming

    We champion a return to balanced, healthy, heritage breeds on American farms for the long term food security of the planet and the welfare of the animals.