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Our partner David Newman was one of 19,000 hog farms in the counties of Oregon and Howell, Missouri — today he is the only one left. Our partner Frank Reese operates the last hatchery in the nation for Standardbred poultry. Our work is important. Besides the farms, breeds like David’s purebred English lineage Berkshires and Frank’s Bronze turkeys and New Hampshire chickens, among many others, might go extinct if not for your purchases.
We never buy a pound of meat from outside our network who raise exclusively 100% heritage breed animals just for us. We commit to purchasing the whole flock and the whole herd from every farm we work with. We are a nose-to-tail operation and our Wagyu beef program is single origin only. All the meat we sell is grown on pasture and antibiotic free.
Our meats are the most ethical and tasty available anywhere, making our fight to preserve genetic diversity in the food supply one steeped in pleasure. We thank you for allowing us to exist!

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Ribeye Steaks, Wagyu — 14-16 oz
Hamburgers, Wagyu — 8oz patties
Porterhouse Pork Chops — 14 oz chops
Bone-in Ribeye Steak, Wagyu — shop by ounce
Lamb Loin Chops — Tunis or Dorset Horn
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