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Whole Guinea Fowl
One 3.5-4lb bird

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We are so excited to feature this ancient breed of poultry, renowned for exquisite dark meat. A guinea tastes similar to pheasant and consists of mostly dark meat that is rich and burgundy in color, but it does not taste gamey. Kansas-based heritage farmer Frank Reese, who has made it his life’s work to preserve endangered breeds of poultry, has worked for years to maintain strong genetic lines. Reese has partnered with his first-ever protégé, Jed Greenberg of Chosen Farms, to raise and process guinea fowl and kosher and non-kosher chickens in New Jersey.

Frank explains that the white meat on a guinea is richer than the dark meat of a chicken! These are juicy, tender, and meaty birds yet lean, low in cholesterol, and rich in essential fatty acids.

There is no wrong way to eat a guinea: roasted, fried, stewed, or sous vide. Our guineas are extremely tender and easy to cook. Prepare as you would chicken.

Guineas are the native wild bird of the African Savanna. To this day these birds still maintain their wild and territorial character — they love to fly up to a roost in a tree and they make a lot of noise — always on guard to announce intruders!

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