Two each from Signature Akaushi/Angus Wagyu and Pure Akaushi Wagyu — four steaks, 3-3.5lb total


NY Strip Steak 2 Breed Flight
Two each from 14-16 oz Signature Akaushi/Angus Wagyu and 10-12 oz Pure Akaushi Wagyu, four steaks, 3-3.5lb total

Akaushi/Angus Wagyu
Our Heritage Wagyu steaks are a cross between the revered Japanese Red Cow, known as Akaushi, and one of America’s best lines of Black Angus. Akaushi Beef is the Japanese Red Cow, a national treasure in Japan. Through a loophole in the Trade Act of 1992, three bulls and eight cows left Japan in a custom equipped Boeing 747 for the Texas heartland where they are still treated like a treasure to this day. Our Akaushi are sourced from the very same family of farms that first brought the breed to the States, Akaushi being perhaps the most marbled beef in the world.

The elegant marbling of the Akaushi blended with the bold beefy flavor of the Black Angus results in a steak that is juicy and tender, a genuine testament to the difference that comes with well-raised animals. 

Pure Akaushi Wagyu
This beef grades three levels above prime! These steaks are as tender as butter with silky specks of fat in every bite. This pure Akaushi beef has a high ratio of Monounsaturated fat, Oleic Acid, and Conjugated Linoleic acid, all the elements that help to fight LDL, the bad kind of cholesterol. Akaushi Beef has the lowest cholesterol of almost any meat sold in the USA, according to studies conducted by Texas A&M, Penn State, and the Journal of the American Heart Association. Add to that the good news of the meltingly tender texture and luscious beefy flavor and this is truly a steak you can't get enough of!


  • Humanely raised
  • Antibiotic and hormone free
  • Heritage breeds have more marbling resulting in more tender and juicy meat