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Our Signature Akaushi Wagyu — two boneless ribeyes, two boneless strips, one porterhouse, five steaks, 5.5-6lb total

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Porterhouse, Strip, Ribeye Steak Sampler
Five steaks, 5.5-6lb total
Signature Akaushi Wagyu 

Two 14-16 oz Boneless Ribeye Steaks
Two 14-16 oz Boneless NY Strip Steaks
One 32-34 oz Porterhouse Steak

    A spectacular exhibition of nuanced flavor! This hand-selected variety of cuts is the best way to experience the depth of the best Wagyu, arguably the most marbled beef in the world.

    Only a limited amount of Wagyu derives from the Akaushi breed, also known as the Emperor's breed in Japan, where it was first free ranged on Mount Aso, the largest active volcano in Japan.

    The particular marbling of the Akaushi means every bite is consistently juicy, buttery, and melts in your mouth. Our Signature Line has savory earthy notes of mushroom and olive. Salt and pepper is all this steak needs to stand out as one of the best meals you will ever eat.