Seasoned with thyme, pepper, and Cabernet by Tempesta Artisans — one 5 oz piece


Wagyu Beef Salami
One 5 oz piece, seasoned with thyme, pepper, and Cabernet 

Charcuterie lovers know that one cannot live by pork alone. This beef salami brings the full flavor of Japanese Wagyu beef to the ancient art of charcuterie and the result is a remarkably dense salami, with a deep, beefy taste incomparable to its pork counterparts. This Salami di Manzo is produced by Tony Fiasche and Tempesta Artisans in Chicago, IL, where his family has run Ristorante Agostino for 32 years. A dream come true for lovers of beef and salami!

  • Antibiotic and hormone free
  • Heritage meat has more marbling resulting in more tender and juicy meat

Tony Fiasche paints with flavor. He is a master artisan — the son of an Italian family from Calabria who has been curing salumi for five generations. Tony came up the old-fashioned way, learning every job from busboy to chef at his family restaurant, before partnering with his father Agostino to launch Tempesta Artisans. They began by specializing in their tantalizing ‘nduja, a spreadable spicy Calabrian salami that is at the heart of their passion for uncompromised flavor. Tony has won many awards, including the Charcuterie Masters Grand Champion in 2016, and numerous Good Food Awards.

Tony’s curing style has become fearlessly imaginative but still fiercely loyal to his family’s traditions, from the bracing peppers he sources from Calabria, to his approach to chimichurri, the Argentinian marinade which inspired him to partner with Heritage Foods to create a premium line of exclusively heritage breed charcuterie and pre-seasoned roasts.