One 1lb pack — extremely versatile from the best pastured raised Heritage breeds in America — Tunis


One 1lb pack

Ground lamb should be a staple of any meat-lovers repertoire: the burgers are extraordinary, and as a ragu for pasta (pappardelle, please!) it is a stone-cold classic. Also lamb meatballs, lamb chili, and of course, as the foundation for Shepherd’s Pie, the greatest pub food of them all! Consuming ground meat is the best way to ensure a true nose-to-tail, sustainable farming system because it uses the remainder of all the best cuts.

Heritage lamb has tremendous marbling resulting in a more tender, exquisite, and juicy meat. Learn more about the Tunis breed.

Humanely raised on pasture, 100% antibiotic free, by Ben Machin and Grace Bowmer of Tamarack Sheep Farm in Vermont. Learn more about Tamarack Sheep Farm.