Sliced Heritage prosciutto, salami, cheese, olives, crackers, chocolate, extra virgin olive oil, a personalized gift note, and optional cutting board! — Seven or eight pieces total

Optional Add the Cutting Board::

The Perfect Gift Box 
A spectacular gift for every foodie on your list! 

What makes our gift box unique is that we only feature salami and prosciutto made from our 100% heritage pig breeds and cured by our artisan friends. 

This box also features products from our esteemed Slow Food colleagues and artisan partners: farmstead cheese sourced from ASLF partner producers, chocolate, extra virgin olive oil, manzanilla olives, and crackers! For a deluxe touch, add on our beautiful cherry wood cutting and presentation board. 

Gift wrapping is available upon request, just let us know in the Order Notes box at checkout and be sure to include text for your gift note! 

Each box includes: 

Finocchiona, one 5.5 oz piece, Tempesta Artisans, IL
Pork salame seasoned with fennel, Sangiovese wine, and black pepper

Sliced Heritage Prosciutto, two 3 oz packs, Casella's, NY
Delicious, sweet, 18-month aged pre-sliced prosciutto by Italian Master, Cesare Casella

Pleasant Ridge Cheese, one 8 oz package, Uplands Cheese
An Alpine-style cheese aged between 6 to 11 months. Rich and hearty with notes of toasted nuts and caramel.

Single Origin Extra Virgin Olive Oil, one 250ml bottle, Olive Oil Jones, NY
Unfiltered early-harvest from Hacienda Queiles in Navarra, Spain. This oil is spicy, peppery, and bitter - but finishes sweet.

Manzanilla Olives, one 12 oz jar,  Aceitunas Losada, ES
Crisp and flavorful wild, green olives grown in Spain

Organic Rosemary Sea Salt Baked Crackers, one 5.5 oz container, Firehook Bakery, NY
These crunchy, well-seasoned, unevenly beautiful crackers feature bold rosemary and a sprinkling of sea salt.

Organic Sea Salt Chocolate, one 1 oz bar, Fine & Raw, NY
This 70% dark chocolate bar is made with unrefined coconut sugar, raw cacao, and a sprinkle of sea salt. Made by Brooklyn based chocolate maker Fine & Raw.

Optional Add On:

Heritage Foods Cherry Wood Cutting and Presentation Board
This beautiful and unique cutting board is perfect for presenting meats or charcuterie, and was designed with an indentation to keep juices on the board. Handmade by Emo Wood in Ridgefield, Connecticut.