A floral, versatile spice blend with a hint of heat perfect for roasting chicken by NY Shuk — one 1.9 oz jar


Rosey Harissa
1.9 oz glass jar
NY Shuk

When harissa meets rose, magic happens! NY Shuk's Rosey Harissa is skillfully blended using delicate rose petals and premium sun-dried chili peppers, adding a fragrant hit to your favorite dishes. Mild in heat big on flavor!

We asked some of our favorite butchers and chefs what their favorite condiment is to use with our meats.

Butcher Aaron Foster of Foster Sundry in Brooklyn says:
“I’m obsessed with this! This is an actually interesting and surprisingly versatile spice blend. Floral, with just enough heat. I legit bring a jar with me to every Airbnb. It’s my favorite roast on chicken, potatoes, and in yogurt.”

Ingredients: chili peppers, paprika, rose petals, spices, sunflower seed oil, garlic, salt.