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Porterhouse, country rib, long-bone cowboy, and center loin double-cut chop — Berkshire or Red Wattle — 10-12lb total

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Heritage Pork Chop Sampler
10-12lb total
Berkshire or Red Wattle

Two 24-28 oz double-cut, long-bone cowboy chops
Two 14 oz porterhouse pork chops 
Two 24-28 oz center loin double-cut chops
One 2.5-3lb country rib chop

These are the best cuts from the pig, from the best farms in America, specially curated into an abundant and delicious package. Heritage pork is now famous around the country thanks to the farms and the breeds that are featured here. This is the very same pork that is found on menus at over 150 of America's best restaurants everyday of the year from coast-to-coast.

Experience the full array of chops produced by the pig. The secret to great pork is to start off with great ingredients, and nothing beats our storied Heritage breeds — Berkshire, Red Wattle, Duroc, Gloucestershire Old Spot, Large Black, and Tamworth. Each breed comes from a different culinary tradition, and boasts a distinctive, nuanced flavor.

  • Humanely raised on pasture 
  • 100% antibiotic free
  • Raised by independent family farmers
  • Heritage pork has more marbling resulting in more tender and juicy meat


Pork Loin

The most prime cut of the pig, the whole loin includes many individual cuts. Starting on the shoulder end lies the country rib roast: part shoulder, part chop. The center-cut loin, the most recognizable cut in the butcher case, is available bone-in, boneless, and cut into chops. Our top seller, the porterhouse or T-bone, connects to the back end of the loin and includes the coveted tenderloin. Medallions, loin bacon, back fat, skin, and even the baby back rib come from this most tender and juicy top section of the pig.

Heritage Pork Breeds

We are proud to offer 5 heritage pork breeds always raised on pasture by family farms. Heritage breeds are the very foundation of our agricultural history and gastronomic identity.


For 200 years the Berkshire consistently scores higher than other breeds for color, marbling, and tenderness.

Red Wattle

Anchoring great gastronomic traditions of China, New Caledonia, and later Creole and Cajun cuisine in New Orleans.


One of the few all American pigs; the result of crossing two red colored breeds in 19th Century New York.

Old Spot

These floppy-eared spotted gentle giants, nicknamed the “Cottager’s Pig,” were known for eating a diet that included wind-fallen apples.


An ancient breed found wild for centuries in the forests of Ireland where they were known as “Irish Grazers” and later in the woods of England.

Support High Quality Pasture Raised Farming

We champion a return to balanced, healthy, heritage breeds on American farms for the long term food security of the planet and the welfare of the animals.