One 8 oz piece — America’s winningest cheese tasting of toasted nuts and caramel similar to an aged gouda or cheddar, aged 6-11 months by by Uplands Cheese in Wisconsin


Pleasant Ridge Reserve Cheese
an Alpine-style cheese by Uplands Cheese
one 8 oz package

One of the winningest cheeses in the history of the American Cheese Society, Pleasant Ridge Reserve has taken home blue ribbons in 2001, 2005, and 2010. Cheesemaker Andy Hatch crafts these Alpine-style wheels just 10 weeks out of the year, when the cows are out on pasture. The flavors locked within each wheel are the perfect expression of the terroir of the low grassy valleys of southwestern Wisconsin in summertime. Each rich and hearty wheel sports a stately coffee brown rind, and tastes of toasted nuts and caramel, similar to an aged gouda or cheddar. Aged between 6 to 11 months.

Melt it on our Wagyu burgers or create the ultimate grilled cheese with our Signature Bacon

Keeps refrigerated for at least 30 days.

Heritage Foods is expanding our cheese selections in partnership with the Anne Saxelby Legacy Fund (ASLF), whose mission is to provide monthlong paid apprenticeships for young adults to live on sustainable farms — to work, learn, and be inspired to create change in their communities. We have selected our favorite domestically produced cheeses from ASLF partner farms for pairing with Heritage meats!