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Frank Reese's heritage chicken with spices, olive oil, and Momofuku chili crunch, by Our Chef Q!

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Chef Q's Peri Peri Heritage Chicken Dinner Kit
Feeds 4

While Peri Peri Chicken originated in Mozambique, variations of this recipe can be found across the Portuguese speaking world. Peri Peri is the Swahili word for pepper, and all versions of this dish share 3 ingredients: hot chilis, lemon, and garlic. This is our take on the chef favorite!

Our Heritage breed chickens are unlike what you may very well be used to: they taste different from supermarket chickens, they look different, and even need to be cooked differently (low and slow) to bring out their wonderfully intense, natural chicken flavor.

Tamar Adler, in Vogue magazine, writes, "And the flavors! I am stunned by the Plymouth Rock, which smells like hay and has a marigold-yellow, pork-style fat cap beneath its skin. Its flesh is silky and grassy, bringing to mind smoked sablefish. The New Hampshire has meat that is almost lavender and tastes closer to an oyster, or perhaps Lardo di Colonnata cured in ancient marble, than to any chicken I’ve ever eaten. It’s rich in umami, that indescribable flavor in soy sauce, Parmesan cheese, truffles, and aged meat."

This kit includes a recipe card and these ingredients:

  • Heritage Chicken, one 3-4lb heritage chicken, raised by by Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch
  • Sweet Paprika, one 1.8 oz jar by Burlap and Barrel, sourced from southeastern Turkey
  • Dried Oregano Buds, one .5 oz grinder-top jar by Burlap and Barrel — hand picked in Turkey just before they flower, these oregano buds are zesty and bright
  • Black Peppercorns, one 1.8 oz grinder-top jar by Burlap and Barrel, grown in Ea Sar, Vietnam using organic practices and harvested only when the peppercorns are ripe
  • Momofuku Chili Crunch, one  5.3 oz jar, the perfect balance of spicy and crunchy, with three types of Mexican chilis, crunchy garlic and shallots
  • Single Origin Extra Virgin Olive Oil, one 250 ml bottle by Olive Oil Jones, unfiltered early harvest from Spain