Hand-picked, unfiltered, stone-milled, and cold pressed in the Napa Valley by Long Meadow Ranch — one 375ml bottle


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
One 375mL glass bottle 
Long Meadow Ranch

Napa Valley Select Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is stone crushed at Long Meadow Ranch's “frantoio” (Italian for olive mill). The traditional stone-milled method grinds the olives, grown on LMR's estate in the Napa Valley, into a paste using large granite stones, minimizing temperature and mechanical damage to the oil. Their oil is extracted from the paste using a state-of-the-art two-phase decanter. Awarded the California Olive Oil Council’s gold medal, our multi-cultivar blend of Manzanillo, Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino olives has a distinctive flavor profile.

Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch brings food directly to their spectacular but very accessible restaurant, a true model of sustainability. They make their own wine, specifically to pair with food from their ranch and orchard. They raise their own Highland cattle, which they use in their cooking. At Farmstead, every link of the food chain is literally just steps away, and we're very excited to feature their extra virgin olive oil! 

Long Meadow Ranch is proud to have their own Pieralisi frantoio at their Mountain Estate. Pieralisi is one of the oldest family owned olive mill equipment factories in Italy, known for manufacturing the best “micro” mills (small production) for ultra premium oils. Processing olives as quickly as possible after harvest is a key step to producing high quality oil. The olives come off the trees and go straight to the mill, just a 2 minute tractor ride from the grove. Large Italian Alpine granite milling stones gently crush the olives, keeping the paste cool to preserve its integrity, resulting in an ultra premium olive oil.

The maximum international standard for fatty acid (oleic acid, specifically) level of extra virgin olive oil is .8%. Oils must meet the standard or lower to be deemed extra virgin. The oleic acid level is a proxy for how much the oil has been damaged by heat, light, or mechanical action. (Lower oleic acid levels mean less damage – or how “virgin” the oil is.) The very best olive oils in the world have oleic acid levels of about .25% to .33% or about one-half to one-third lower than the standard. The Napa Valley Select Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an oleic acid level of .05%, which indicates an ultra-premium olive oil (20 times below the standard). Our olives and our mill make it possible for us to achieve this very low oleic fatty acid level.