The only seasoning your meat will ever need according to Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, and Werner Herzog! — crafted in San Francisco by legendary forager Angelo Garro — one 6 oz pack

Omnivore Salt Blend
One 6 oz pack

We are proud to offer this new seasoning salt from Angelo Garro. This is the only savory seasoning your meat will ever need. If you don't believe us, see what Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, and Werner Herzog are saying about this seasoning.

"This salt is so indispensable, I bring a bag everywhere I go!" -Alice Waters

"Angelo Garro has been one of my most influential teachers, in the kitchen as well as in the fields and woods. A few years ago, he began bringing bags of his Omnivore Salt whenever he came to dinner. I have no idea what's in it, but I can tell you that Omnivore Salt improves whatever it touches. I use it to season meat a day or two before cooking, in salad dressing, on eggs - on just about anything savory in fact. As a rule I don't do product endorsements, but my debt to Angelo is so deep, and his salt is so special, that I have no choice. Rule broken." - Michael Pollan

"Congratulations Angelo! Finally your salt is in the market and I do not need to steal from your kitchen anymore." -Werner Herzog

In the words of Angelo himself..."I come from Sicily, where I grew up in the citrus groves of my father and spent time with my mother and my grandmother cooking, pickling, and preserving. We live by the seasons, and I still live this way at my forge in San Francisco. I am an artisan blacksmith. I work, cook, and share meals with my friends."

"I created a salt mix that for years I have used for cooking meat, fish, and vegetables. Many of my friends are chefs, restaurateurs, and artists, and for years I have been giving my salt to them. They loved it and urged me to share it with the community and with food lovers everywhere. So here it is, my Omnivore Salt. You can use it everyday, on whatever you love to cook."