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Mediterranean Za'atar Dinner Kit
Receive the main ingredients and full recipe for Za'atar Crusted Heritage Rack of Lamb, Rack of Mutton, or Pure Akaushi Wagyu Tri-Tip with Stewed Chickpeas

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Heritage Rack of Lamb, Rack of Mutton, or Pure Akaushi Wagyu Tri-Tip

Packaged with:
Za’atar, 3.2 oz jar, Villa Jerada, WA
Olive Oil, 250 ml bottle, Olive Oil Jones, NY
Pita, four round pockets, Angel Bakeries, NJ
Dried Chickpeas, 1lb bag, Rancho Gordo, CA

Rack of Mutton, Tunis or Dorset Horn
We are so excited! Nowhere else can you find pasture raised heritage breed Mutton raised in the United States! Mutton is beautifully marbled, mellow, and subdued, yet succulent with a full, round finish. Even those who don't tend towards the flavor of lamb will find this mutton subtle and exceptional. The fat is absolutely edible, like a great lardo from Italy, and the meat reminds us of a great marbled steak. 
This 100% Heritage breed mutton is pasture raised at Tamarack Sheep Farm in Vermont.

Rack of Lamb, Tunis or Dorset Horn
The rack of lamb is often considered the most elegant cut, ideal as the centerpiece for an intimate dinner party worthy of royalty, or simply a special family dinner. Roast it whole for a show-stopping presentation, or slice between the bones to plate the tasty chops individually.

100% Heritage breed lamb pasture raised at Tamarack Sheep Farm in Vermont is a marvelous gastronomic pleasure and much milder and more pleasant to the palate than regularly available lamb.

Tri-Tip Roast, Pure Akaushi Wagyu 
The tri-tip is one of your butcher’s best kept secrets: cut from the bottom of the sirloin but marbled like the most delicate hanger steak, this cut boasts a supreme, toothsome texture.

This beef grades three levels above prime! Akaushi Beef is the Japanese Red Cow, a national treasure in Japan. Through a loophole in the Trade Act of 1992, three bulls and eight cows left Japan in a custom equipped Boeing 747 for the Texas heartland where they are still treated like a treasure to this day. Our Akaushi are sourced from the very same family of farms that first brought the breed to the States, Akaushi being perhaps the most marbled beef in the world.

SKU: Za'atar 3.20z + Olive oil, 250ml + pita + dried chick pea + 4.5-5# MUTTON rack