Highland — grassfed and grass-finished from Long Meadow Ranch — 4-6 pieces, 3-4lb total


Beef Shanks
4-6 pieces, about 3.5lb total
Highland beef from Long Meadow Ranch

Our Highland beef shanks are cut to about 3/4 to 1 inches thick and are an especially earthy cut — incredibly delectable when roasted low and slow, or braised until the succulent meat falls off the bone! 

We are so excited to bring in a new beef for the first time in years. Our signature line of Wagyu is the pillar of our beef program but this Highland beef from our friends at Long Meadow Ranch in Napa Valley is exceptional and we are excited to get delivery of a few pallets of their recent harvest.

Long Meadow Ranch is proud to have one of the largest herds of this fine animal in California. Several hundred strong, these pasture-raised cattle are at home on more than 800-acres in Tomales Station. The Ranch has acquired some of the oldest bloodlines in the country, representing the very best attributes of this classic breed.

Long Meadow Ranch Highlands are grassfed and grass-finished; and are raised employing a protocol that is entirely hormone- and antibiotic-free. They rotate their “fold" to fresh pasture seasonally, allowing them to gain weight healthily while maintaining the grassland ecosystem. These are all factors that contribute to beef that has outstanding flavor.

Scottish Highland cattle are a near-perfect breed for farmers providing both great beef and high-fat milk. Originating in Scotland, Highland are hardy, self-sufficient and long-lived. Highlands have a double coat of hair — a downy undercoat and a long outercoat which is well-oiled to shed rain and snow. The hair color can be black, brindled, red, yellow, or dun.