Three 1lb packs — extremely versatile from the best pastured raised Heritage breeds in America — Tunis or Dorset Horn


Ground Lamb
Three 1lb packs
Tunis or Dorset Horn

Ground lamb should be a staple of any meat-lovers repertoire: the burgers are extraordinary, and as a ragu for pasta (pappardelle, please!) it is a stone-cold classic. Also lamb meatballs, lamb chili, and of course, as the foundation for Shepherd’s Pie, the greatest pub food of them all! Consuming ground meat is the best way to ensure a true nose-to-tail, sustainable farming system because it uses the remainder of all the best cuts.

100% Heritage breed lamb is a marvelous gastronomic pleasure and much milder and more pleasant to the palate than regularly available lamb. Our Tunis, Dorset Horn and Navajo-Churro lamb first arrived to Corinth, Vermont in the 1920s thanks to Ben Machin’s grandfather. Ben and Grace now raise the flock on the beautiful pastures of Tamarack Sheep Farm. Our California Red lamb is the newest livestock on Newman Farm which is renowned the world over for its Berkshire pig genetics. We bring in whole lamb, raised on pasture and antibiotic free, nose-to-tail six times a year.

The Tunis is earthy with notes of buttermilk. The Dorset is lighter, with a clean, floral finish. The California Red has rich flavor, great marbling, and tenderness characteristics that make for an excellent lamb eating experience. The Navajo-Churro lamb is remarkably tender — even the braising cuts can be grilled.

  • 100% Heritage breeds raised on pasture and 100% antibiotic free
  • Raised by Ben and Grace Machin Tamarack Sheep Farm, Vermont and David Newman of Newman Farm in the Ozarks
  • Heritage lamb has tremendous marbling resulting in a more tender, exquisite and juicy meat

Tunis, Dorset Horn, Navajo-Churro, and California Red Breeds of Lamb

Tunis: Originally from Tunisia, the breed was brought to the U.S. as a gift to George Washington and raised by the first three Presidents. This is the same lamb as was written about in the Bible, but the modern version has a less fatty tail.

Dorset Horn: A breed of sheep that spread over Dorset, Somerset, Devon, and most of Wales, in the 1750s this is the breed the English with a fine palate would eat for Christmas! Very few farmers still raise this endangered breed.

California Red: California Reds are a cross between the Barbados Blackbelly sheep and the Tunis sheep and are liked by chefs for their size, and large loin eyes. The breed is hearty and grows well on the grassy pastures of the rainforest-like Ozarks. Farmer David Newman is also renowned for raising the best Berkshire pigs in the world.

Navajo-Churro: The first domesticated livestock to ever come onto American soil, the Churro breed was brought here by early Spanish explorers and quickly adopted into the culture of the Navajo Nation in the Southwest. The breed was used for wool and meat but today is considered America’s rarest breed of lamb.