Bone-in — From America's oldest and rarest breeds — Dorset Horn


Bone-in, 3.5-4lb

The rack of lamb is often considered the most elegant cut, ideal as the centerpiece for an intimate dinner party worthy of royalty, or simply a special family dinner. Roast it whole for a show-stopping presentation, or slice between the bones to plate the tasty chops individually. Simple to prepare — as with all of our healthy and delicious Heritage lamb, we love just salt, pepper, and a little bit of rosemary.

Our lamb is sourced from our long time farm partners in Vermont, Tamarack Sheep Farm, where three rare breeds of lamb are raised on pasture — breeds that have been raised there since the 1920s. Lamb is a seasonal livestock that is available four or five times a year. 

  • 100% Heritage breeds raised on pasture and 100% antibiotic free
  • Raised by Ben Machin and Grace Bowmer of Tamarack Sheep Farm in Vermont
  • Heritage lamb has tremendous marbling resulting in a more tender, exquisite, and juicy meat