Choose 3 styles from America's greatest artisans curing our 100% heritage breed pork in their signature bacon styles — Three 1lb packs


Mix & Match Heritage Bacon
Choose your 3 favorite bacon styles from the drop down menu above

For the bacon lover, this mix & match package is a dream come true! America's greatest artisans have cured our 100% heritage breed pork in their signature styles exclusively for Heritage Foods. Choose from these 8 bacon varieties, listed mildest to boldest:

Signature Heritage Maple Cured, Trimble, MO:
When people think of bacon, this is it, the most loved bacon in the world. Produced in a maple sugar cure and sourced from our pasture-raised, rare breed pigs, this sweet bacon is a staple and has been our top seller for over ten years. This is sure to become a fixture in your fridge — the perfect companion for day or night!

Fatted Calf's Sugar, Sea Salt, Cayenne, San Francisco, CA:
This is old-fashioned bacon at its very finest, beginning with our superior Heritage pigs, and then dry cured with an old-world salt-box method — just brown sugar, sea salt, and a bit of cayenne. It’s not too spicy and very well-balanced, and it is smoked over four kinds of wood, two fruit woods and two hardwoods — cherry, apple, mesquite and alderwood.

Farmstead's Napa Valley Berkshire, St. Helena, CA:
A “California” bacon, mild mannered and mellow. Easy to eat on sandwiches or with eggs, perfect for any time of day. It is lighter in flavor with just a bit of smoke, delicate and creamy, but with its own perky profile. We love it on avocado toast, and it pairs incredibly with a light California red, like the Pinot Noir from Farmstead! As with all our bacon, it is made from the healthiest, pasture-raised heritage breed pigs, with no antibiotics.

Signature Heritage Jowl Bacon, Maple Cured, Trimble, MO:
Some would say that jowl bacon is the final frontier — others have known about it’s sweet pleasure for years. One thing is for sure, it is suddenly popping up on menus across the country. Similar to traditional bacon cut from pork belly, the jowl has its own wonderful character and its tasty fat is even more delicate. 

Signature Heritage Loin Bacon, Maple Cured, Trimble, MO:
This is our leanest and meatiest bacon, cut from our heritage breed loins and maple cured by the team at Paradise Locker Meats. This Canadian-style bacon is perfect for anyone who prefers a leaner bacon option.

Signature Heritage Pepper-Crusted Bacon, Maple Cured, Trimble, MO:
This is our spectacular signature bacon, maple cured with the added spice of pepper. The pepper crust adds an unexpected kick while still delivering the famous Heritage goods. 

Broadbent Hickory Smoked, Kuttawa, KY:
In 2009, Broadbent's celebrated 100 years of making old-fashioned country ham, bacon, and sausage. We are proud to ship them our 100% heritage pork bellies which they cure in their signature style. This is a lighter, sweeter bacon, smoked with hickory.

Benton's Extra Hickory Smoked, Madisonville, TN: 
Al Benton cures his meats in an ancient smokehouse in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, with little consideration for the modern world. Benton's meats are renowned for being heavy on the smoke and a perfect food for folk who love strong and bold flavor. Even though Benton is a legend in the South, he is still hands-on and present in all steps of the curing process. He is another famed traditionalist who is forwarding the cause of the American charcuterie renaissance by embracing heritage breed pigs. His strong, salty, smoky bacon has always enjoyed a huge following, and we are thrilled to be working with him to bring his great art to Heritage customers.

All our meats are:

  • Humanely raised on pasture
  • 100% antibiotic free
  • Raised by independent family farmers
  • Heritage pork has more marbling resulting in more tender and  juicy meat