Sourced and bottled by Olive Oil Jones — one 250 mL bottle


Balsamic Vinegar 
250 mL glass bottle 
Olive Oil Jones

Olive Oil Jones has been importing and exulting in the use of this balsamic vinegar made by the same acetaia (vinegar works) for 20 years. It is sublime. This is “special occasion” balsamic but also delicious everyday!

With your garden variety balsamics, the quality and goodness lies in the ratio of mosto (must) to added red wine vinegar. This balsamic contains no red wine vinegar and no ingredient other than the must from winemaking in Emilia Romagna. Aging and blending the balsamic vinegar from successive and various wood-type casks in the acetaia completes the process. And then when it is deemed ready it’s made available for sale!