A slow fermented craft vinegar bottled by Cesare Casella at Thanksgiving Farm in the Catskills — one 236 mL bottle


Apple Cider Vinegar 
236 mL glass bottle 
Acetaia del Sole

This craft apple cider vinegar is made from organic fruit grown on Thanksgiving Farm in Sullivan County, New York. They use the ancestral method, the slowest of all vinegar-fermenation styles. Aged in New York whiskey barrels, this vinegar is unpasteurized and intensely delicious! We love it splashed on warm and cold dishes, or mixed with water for a healthy tonic.

Because this is a naturally produced vinegar, there will be particles — they are part of the vinegar-making process — in each bottle, and the color and flavor may vary from batch to batch. How you store the vinegar will also impact what it tastes like. Keep the vinegar at room temperature and the naturally occurring bacteria will reproduce, creating a more intense flavor; refrigerate the vinegar and the bacterial growth will slow, preserving the original flavor. Whichever method you choose, please shake the bottle before use. 

Acetaia del Sole is the latest project from Chef Cesare Casella, the Tuscan-born chef and educator known for bringing authentic Italian foodways to his adopted American home. Acetaia del Sole is being developed and operated in conjunction with The Center for Discovery, a residential facility with a working farm, that cares for the medically fragile, and with Andrea Bezzecchi, one of Italy’s leading balsamic-vinegar experts.

Ingredients: organic apples, yeast