Two steaks from our Signature Wagyu — taste and compare beef as it ages — 4.5-5lb total


Aged Bone-In Ribeye Flight
Two steaks, 4.5-5lb total
Our Signature Wagyu

We are proud to feature new Aged Flights! Sample the different taste profiles of meat as it ages.

One 36-38 oz unaged ribeye, Wagyu
One 36-38 oz 30-day aged ribeye, Wagyu

Unaged, bone-in, Our Signature Wagyu
Our Wagyu ribeye boasts a big, rich taste with a long, delicious finish and tangy, aged flavor. We think these ribeyes are among the best steaks in the world, and need little more than salt and pepper. To enjoy the full spectrum of flavor, we recommend searing and then cooking in the oven to medium rare.

30 day aged, bone-in, Our Signature Wagyu

Our well-marbled and highly textured Akaushi/Angus combined with a light 30-day dry age creates a steak that is bright, more tender, and subtly nuanced in flavor. Our steaks are aged at Paradise Locker Meats using techniques passed on for generations.