Why Heritage Breeds?

Vetted by thousands of years of gastronomy
Deeply Marbled
Heritage animals have been bred to maintain rich marbling resulting in more tender, juicy, and flavorful meat.
Loved by Top Chefs
"Amazing! I have always focused on sustainability and I forgot all about BREED. What a difference in taste!" — Alice Waters of Chez Panisse
Regeneratively Farmed
“Grass, it is at the heart of our operation, and restoring grassland and soil is one of the reasons that we scaled up our operation.” — Ben Machin of Tamarack Sheep Farm.
Every cut we sell is labeled with the name of its origin farm or breed — such as Berkshire, Red Wattle, Akaushi, Tunis, and many more! 

"The company at the forefront of the nonindustrial meat movement"

— The New York Times

Heritage Breeds: The Only Meat You Should Eat

Heritage breeds can be traced back prior to the advent of industrial farming, meaning that they are directly connected to the beginnings of settled agriculture.

We partner exclusively with independent family farms humanely raising heritage breeds on pasture without antibiotics.


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