Hamburger Cooking Guidelines

1. Keep burger patties as cold as possible prior to cooking to ensure the juiciest outcome. The cold starting temperature prevents the fats mixed into the meat from rendering too quickly.

2. Your cooking method should start hot and stay hot throughout the entire cooking process. A hot surface will ensure a nicely developed brown crust without overcooking the center.

3. Season burgers with salt immediately before they go onto your cooking surface. Seasoning too early will draw moisture out of the meat. Seasoning this way results in a juicier hamburger.

4. Rotate burgers often and evenly around the heat source. Uneven cooking happens when the heat source is inconsistent. If grilling, watch for flare ups which will give grilled meats an unpleasant burnt flavor.

5. Avoid pressing down on the patties, so flip them gently and away from you to avoid oil burns and splattering.

6. After desired doneness is reached, rest burger on a rack to avoid soggy patties.