Non-Profit Partners


The Anne Saxelby Legacy Fund provides monthlong paid apprenticeships for young adults to live on sustainable farms — to work, learn, and be inspired to create change in their communities.

The goal of ASLF is to provide fully paid, one month apprenticeship opportunities on farms, similar to those that Anne engaged in during her early 20's. Like Anne herself, we have no steadfast rules but are hoping that an exchange program like this can teach young adults to appreciate the hard work of farm life, get a glimpse into a new artisan trade, learn about the importance of sustainability and being good neighbors, and incentivize apprentices to launch a business like Saxelby Cheesemongers.

The Good Shepherd Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to its mission of safeguarding biodiversity through the use of Standardbred poultry and historical purebred lines of livestock for agricultural use.

Frank Reese, now in his 70s, is the last remaining breeder of certified Standardbred poultry for commercial food production in the United States. If we do not preserve his legacy, these birds will disappear. The Good Shepherd Conservancy has identified 10 breeds of chickens and turkeys that are the most important to the preservation of Standardbred poultry production.

At the heart of our preservation efforts is the Good Shepherd Conservancy Center (GSCC). This cultural landmark will not only act as a Noah’s ark for the world’s most important breeds of poultry, but also as a place for you to visit, learn, and interact at a one-of-a-kind institution that will change the world.

The GSCC will house an operating hatchery producing heritage birds and an interactive living museum. It will immerse guests in the storied histories of these breeds as well as the factory farm system that replaced them. All this, and GSCC’s guest house and professional kitchen, on the site of a working farm, will make it a world-class, one-of-a-kind attraction for all.


Emma's Torch believes in a country where refugees are welcomed as drivers of the economy and as enhancers of their new communities. Their mission is to provide refugees with culinary training, ESL classes, interview preparation, and set them up for successful employment in an industry in which their cultural heritage and cuisine can be celebrated. What’s more, they provide a community in which they can build supportive relationships. Emma's Torch is also a restaurant located in Brooklyn, New York. 

Food Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit supporting culinary-focused public high school students in New York City. Through hands-on learning in culinary arts, hospitality, and entrepreneurship, FEF prepares and empowers the next generation of leaders through food every single day. FEF does this through a progressive suite of programming running from freshman year of high school through adulthood including culinary summer camps, a job training and internship program, a food media program focusing on food justice, a student-run coffee shop and restaurant, an accelerator program for alumni, and more.