Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey

from Frank Reese at Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch

Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch turkeys can trace their genetics 175 years and are the oldest line of turkey in America. This is by far the juiciest, most flavorful bird on the market today. Fans of Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch turkeys include Alice Waters, who says "Amazing! I have always focused on sustainability and I forgot all about BREED. What a difference in taste!" 

 Frank Reese has become an icon of American farming, and has been featured in publications ranging from The New York Times to National Geographic. His story is the reason why the word “heritage” is synonymous with the word “heirloom” when it comes to meat. This year, treat your guests to the very best — 100% purebred heritage, 100% pasture-raised, 100% antibiotic free.