Update from Heritage Meat Shop

Dick Bessey from Heritage Meat Shop gives us an update on what’s happening at the Essex Street Market:

‘Heritage Meat Shop is the “visible” arm of Heritage Foods USA.  Located in New York City’s Essex Street Market, HMS can provide a selection of meats both from local farmers and from the stocks of Heritage Foods USA.
Two or three times a week we’ll have beef and hogs to break down, and we’ll happily provide custom cuts.  Just give us a call, as these cuts go fast!

Silva Aldo
We’re busy as we head into 2014.  Late last week we demonstrated how our butchers break down a hog and a beef hind quarter.   Here are some photos of Silva, Aldo and Emilie as they ready some wonderful Angus beef and Berkshire pork for you.

Emilie Silva Aldo butcher

Aldo is also training for the next Rocky movie!!

Rocky v hog

We’re also carrying chickens from Snow Dance Farms in upstate New York.  They’re terrifically flavorful tender birds just waiting for you to roast or grill them.
Stop by Essex Market to see what we have in our cases! We’re open every day except Monday and we look forward to helping you!’

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