The Values Guiding Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch

The Values Guiding Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch

We applaud Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch’s Frank Reese Ranch for putting into words the values that inspire him to continue to preserve endangered poultry breeds poultry.  Here are the values that guide his practice.

Preservation and Education – We preserve important breeds of livestock by fighting for their place on our dinner tables.

Health and Safety — Our modern industrial poultry breeds have been hybridized in ways which cause them to develop physical deformities and serious immune deficiencies. This has led to their populations becoming a breeding ground for antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria and highly pathogenic viruses that threaten our health and food security.

Animal Well-Being — Genetic health is a premier animal welfare concern which is often overlooked. The poor genetic makeup of today’s industrial poultry breeds is arguably the number one cause of animal suffering in today’s agricultural system. Good Shepherd turkeys are the gold standard for genetic health and humane animal treatment.

Biodiversity — By working to save and grow a diverse group of historically consumed birds that are quickly disappearing, we counter the dangerous monoculture created by the industrial poultry system of today.

Environmental Stewardship — We take responsibility for building a better future by preserving animals which are bred to live outdoors as part of a holistic farming system that improves the land and safeguards our environment.

Farmer Freedom — While most poultry farmers today are paid little and required to take on massive sums of debt to enter the poultry business, we support a farming system which offers farmers greater independence and freedom. This is achieved through the use of genetic stock which reduces the power of the poultry giants and puts it back into the hands of our family farmers.

Balance — Good genetics creates a balanced animal. This leads to an improved agricultural system, a healthier environment, and a better world.

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