Top Five Reasons to Serve A Heritage Turkey this Thanksgiving

Top Five Reasons to Serve A Heritage Turkey this Thanksgiving

Heritage birds are the true taste of America’s favorite holiday — with genetic lines that go back way before the advent of industrial farming, they deliver the full impact of purebred turkey, raised to impeccable standards. They are juicy and bold, and recall a time when traditional farming ruled our nation. They simply cannot be beat.

The best reason to serve a heritage turkey at your Thanksgiving, of course, is because it tastes delicious! Once you have enjoyed a Heritage Turkey, it is impossible to go back to the flavorless, supermarket, industrially-farmed birds that have been the guests of honor at countless forgettable Thanksgiving dinners.

But if that is still not enough, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting independent, family farmers, like Frank Reese and his Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch, the premier source of Heritage turkeys in America.

What’s more, you are supporting a system that is all natural, and sustainable — and it is thanks to our customers that these Heritage birds have been kept vital at a time when Heritage breeds are being pushed to the brink of extinction as industrial agriculture pushes their fast-growing, unhealthy birds into the marketplace. Heritage birds are not only healthier animals that mate naturally, grow slowly, and never come close to chemicals, but they are better for you. Who wants to eat birds that are raised in horrible conditions? Heritage birds roam and roost and reach maturity as nature intended.

What more is there to say? Taste, sustainability, better for you, never any antibiotics, and raised by salt of the earth, American family farmers like Frank Reese. There you have it — Five reasons why your table should feature a Heritage turkey. And you can share all of that with your guests, but truly, while they may admire your virtue, no one will forget the flavor. 

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